1. Stick To What You’re Good At

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    Stick To What You're Good At

    Stick To What You're Good At

    Lily is not good at math, but she's good at other stuff. Like giving wet, sloppy blow jobs where she swallows cock to the back of her throat. She can even suck a cock while being held upside down! She may not have a future in academics, but she's a star when it comes to fucking. Her tits are just the right size to hold on to as you pound her pussy, and her pocket-sized twat will squeeze your dick just right. You can tell by the way she takes the cock that she genuinely likes to get fucked. She moans. She exudes sex. She welcomes every thrust into her cunny. Who needs a mathematician when you have a sex kitten like Lily?

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  2. Das Busenwunder In The Bahamas

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    Das Busenwunder In The Bahamas

    Das Busenwunder In The Bahamas

    German porn star and reality TV personality Annina visited SCORE, toured the building, stayed for an interview and then traveled to the Bahamas for this sex scene. Her love for having her ass plundered is evident from her intense facial expressions.

    "Porn is different than private sex but I don't think it's more exciting. It's different, and it will always be a highlight because there are a lot of people watching me and I like it, but I think my private sex is always very exciting. Being watched makes me horny. I don't know exactly why. I think I'm an exhibitionist. There is a man fucking my pussy or my ass, and people are watching, and this is unusual and exciting. About watching my own videos, I think a woman is always very critical of herself. I always think, 'Oh, no, how do I look?' and 'Oh, my God, I look bad.' I have watched them, but not often. I have only seen three of my videos. I think three is enough."

    Annina believes there's a difference between America and Germany when it comes to big-boobed models.

    "In Germany, the fans are different from over here. There aren't a lot of girls with big boobs, so I think it's only a fetish over there, not like here where women with big boobs are so popular. In Germany, women like me are an oddity. In the United States, it is not so unusual."

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  3. Captive Audience

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    Captive Audience

    Captive Audience

    May West gets trussed up and ball-gagged. She struggles to break free and manages to slip her bonds. Worked up from the feeling of captivity, and being watched while she's restrained, May masturbates and pleasures her big natural tits. Masturbating is one of her favorite hobbies and pastimes.

    "I'm usually in bed when I masturbate," May explained in detail. "Mainly, I look at photographs. I like to look at photos of a submissive woman wearing nipple clamps and a collar and maybe someone pulling her hair or two women having sex and both are collared and paddling each other. A man and a woman doing that is sexy to me, too. It's the image that I find arousing. If I'm having a lot of sex, I don't masturbate. I'll have sex one or two times a day, and if I'm not having sex, I'll masturbate that much. I'm kind of quiet. I'm loud during sex but I'm a quiet masturbator."

    Will May masturbate to herself in this scene? Maybe she'll tell us.

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  4. Dripping Wet Hooters

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    Dripping Wet Hooters

    Dripping Wet Hooters

    Demmy Blaze turns cold water into hot and steams up the lens in her first shower show. Thank you, Demmy, for busting out of your brassiere and squeezing your natural, heavy boobs. This would be an Olympic sport if tit-men ran the world.

    This is a girl who's very proud of her boobs and thinks of them as an important part of her life. She even picks the colors of her bras that she thinks will go with her hair color or makeup. It's not like anyone will see what color bra she's wearing under her dress when she goes out. That's how precise Demmy is about her appearance. This seems to be a trait among eastern European girls--Russians, Ukrainians and other nationalities in that part of the world. They don't leave the house unless they feel they're perfect.

    When we asked Demmy about sex, she replied "I have not really had any experiences yet that were so exciting." But she doesn't rule out having sex on the first date if there's a strong connection and a lot of chemistry. She doesn't have any current interest in sex on-camera and wants to keep that part of her life private because she needs that connection and time to get to know a guy.

    "I'm very happy doing what I am doing. I never thought I would show my boobs and then I discovered I like doing it."

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  5. Paige’s First Sex Show

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    Paige's First Sex Show

    Paige's First Sex Show

    Super busty Paige Turner is a live wire and here's the proof in her first boy-girl scene. Paige is eager to get it on, and being at SCORE has changed her idea of what it's like to be an adult model. She thought adult studios were dirty dumps with rude people treating girls like meat (and a lot of them are) but being at SCORE has been a positive experience for Paige who sports 38F-cups.

    Paige became a dancer when she and a girlfriend went to a strip club. They felt the urge to get up on stage, flash their boobs and dance and that's exactly what they did. Paige liked it and decided to become a dancer. One of her regular customers recommended she check out SCORE so she went online, saw all of the great big-boob girls, decided to apply and joined the party.

    When Tony Rubino comes over, he realizes he's hit the big boob lottery and dives between Paige's massive mams. With a girl this stacked, every day with her at hand is a hooter holiday called Breastivus. The photographer tells Paige to show Tony exactly how she personally likes her tits to be handled and motorboated. Paige makes sure he can breathe. Like the rest of us, Tony could spend hours just sucking her nipples and burying his face in her cleavage.

    Paige is eager to get it on and opens his pants to get at his cock which she sticks between her boobs and down the hatch. Paige is a very energetic and excited bed mate. She's a screamer too. Squeezing her breasts together, cock between them, she tells Tony to "Fuck the shit out of my titties!" That's the spirit, Paige! She's just as hot when she mounts his pole and does her dirty dance on it.

    Paige thanks us for watching her first hardcore scene but we're the ones who have to thank her. So thank you, Paige Turner.

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  6. Joana & Her Magic Wand

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    Joana & Her Magic Wand

    Joana & Her Magic Wand

    Joana Bliss seeks bliss and erotic nirvana with two devices attuned to her vibratory patterns. Sometimes a girl wants to combine the old-fashioned way with tech to bliss out. She has a small massager that looks like a prop from Star Trek. It lights up and she rubs it all over her sensitive nipples. After going the old-school way with a finger-fondling of her very pink, shaved pussy, Joana touches her clit with a magic wand, a massager that many girls say is tremendous at giving them major orgasms even though they tell store clerks it's for neck and back aches.

    What's a day like for gentle Joana back home in Romania when she isn't in front of a cameraman?

    "I take a shower, I have something to eat, I practice yoga and medition and then we may go to a movie, meet friends or just go to a park or to the countryside. I love nature."

    Joana is a vegetarian and never eats meat. Her diet must be healthy because...well...look at her. Her boobs and all the rest of her are well-fed and phenomenal. "I like a lot of fruit, good natural foods, easy to prepare vegetables. I like mushrooms, a lot of different mushrooms.

    "If I did not like to be looked at and admired, I would never have taken my clothing off for everyone to see," Joana said.

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  7. Renna Ryann, Commando

    Posted on August 17th, 2016 by Service Whores

    Commando has just found himself the hottest piece of coochie on the block! With her fantastic petite body, Renna Ryann has gotta be the cutest hooker in the whole goddamn world. After haggling the price, Commando gets busy, yanking Renna's top off and mouthing on her moist little B-cups. Commando's gotta bring his A-game because if he makes Renna cum, this bang is a freebie! Twirling her around, Commando slams her beautiful beaver in doggy and you best believe our sweetheart jizzs! Like 6 times!

  8. Jaclyn Case, TJ Cummings

    Posted on August 17th, 2016 by Teen / Coed Porn

    Gorgeous brunette teenager Jaclyn Case is back and badder than ever. This time we find her texting at a cafe, skipping class and looking fine as hell in her yellow tube top. So TJ tries to intimidate her by posing as a truant officer, planting cigarettes in her backpack, and threatening to tell her mom about her indiscretions unless he follows her home. She naively does what he says and is soon trying to talk her way out of the situation, blindfolded and with a manhood in her mouth! This coed hottie gets disciplined roughly by TJ, as he smacks her breasts, chokes her and makes her hold his dong down her throat till she gags .. TJ is in control the whole time, throwing her tight teenage body around like a rag doll and thrusting her perfect coochie with ball-slapping power. She's a trooper though, who doesn't complain for a second, and takes the beatdown like the sexy submissive girl she is!

  9. Sex Obsessed

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    Sex Obsessed

    Sex Obsessed

    Karly is every bit a fresh, desirable 18-year-old, from her braces to her tiny tits down to her puffy pussy. In this video she's getting ready for school, which includes getting dressed and rubbing one out. "I wake up horny and then I'm horny all day," she told us. "It can be distracting. I masturbate in the morning so I can concentrate. Otherwise I'll be daydreaming about sex all day." After watching Karly finger her slit, you'll be the one thinking about sex all day.

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  10. Serious Boobage

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    Serious Boobage

    Serious Boobage

    48-inch breasts. Serious boobage here.

    Amaya May is the owner and operator of a dance studio and also webcams as "giggles_4u." We're not sure about the giggles part but Amaya wiggles and jiggles her biggles like a gold medalist.

    In this video, Amaya is handed a tape measure and checks out her current stats, starting dressed, then down to her bra and finally bare-chested. She's got some pair of tan-lined hangers! This woman is a built like a brick house.

    When she rolls up her skirt to her waist, there's a wet spot on her panties. Amaya pulls them to the side and her pussy is juicy and dripping. Still holding her tape, Amaya measures her pussy. Leaving the tape next to her on the couch, Amaya sticks three fingers in deep and blasts off into the pleasure zone.

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  11. Case of the Missing Panties

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    Case of the Missing Panties

    Case of the Missing Panties

    A quickie with Amaya May has the SCORELAND newbie looking for her missing panties. It's not buried in the couch. It's not in her suitcases. Amaya does find them before this Bonus video ends. Otherwise, we'd have had to mail them to her once they were found.

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  12. Bouncing Babe

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    Bouncing Babe

    Bouncing Babe

    It's boob bouncing and paddling the pink canoe for Kate Marie. Her Doc Johnson magic stick has an extra attachment for clit pleasure. "I love enjoying several orgasms a day," said Kate. "Masturbating is a part of my life. I like being watched. I'm sexually aggressive when I know what I want."

    "Absolutely stunning," praises Richie from the UK. "One of the most beautiful models The SCORE Group has ever found!"

    "The best compliment I've gotten was about my eyes and makeup. The worst was about my nose ring. I usually just ignore bad comments. I don't give them a second thought."

    Kate Marie: one of the ultimate SCORE Girls-next-door.

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  13. Hot Blow Jobs & Tit Fucks

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    Hot Blow Jobs & Tit Fucks

    Hot Blow Jobs & Tit Fucks

    Maggie Green, Elle Flynn, Holly Brooks, Stacie Starr and Mia Khalifa are true blowjob artists, taking great pride in their energetic cock sucking skills. And they like to show off using these lucky stunt-cocks as their props. These aren't head suckers. They go deep, spit, drool and get as much of the shaft as they can down their throats. This compilation proves that seeing is believing.

    Maggie Green: "Guys are always telling me I have good dick-sucking lips. I have a really long tongue, too. Did you guys ever notice that? I love spitting on it and playing with it and shoving it down my throat. It's fun. It really is fuckin' fun."

    Mia Khalifa: "I was pretty slutty in high school. I sucked a lot of dick in high school. I was known as the blowjob girl. I don't just suck a tip. You have to go all the way down. You have to deep throat, use your hands, sometimes use both hands. It'll go all the way down past my esophagus and get comfortable in there. I have no gag reflex."

    Holly Brooks: "I love sucking guys off and I love seeing guys bust their nuts. Even when I finger my ass, I'm still thinking about sucking hard cocks until they explode in my face and drip down all over my girls."

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  14. “Spy On Me”

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    "Spy On Me"

    'Spy On Me'

    Tiggle Bitties has caught you spying on her through her blinds. She's outraged. For about two seconds. Then she thinks it's kinda kinky and she likes the idea. Now you can't spy on her anymore because she's extended the invitation to let you watch her practice her Jedi boob tricks. Your kind of girl, our kind of girl.

    SCORELAND: Tiggle, have you ever gone bra shopping with a boyfriend? Did you let him in the dressing room?

    Tiggle: Absolutely and yes! I think I actually have some pictures of it somewhere! But mostly I shop online. I went to Portland and found a great shop. When I walked in, the woman looked at me and said, 'Oh, honey!' and she just took me around the store and took bras off the shelf.

    SCORELAND: We'd say 'Oh, honey' too. Do you have any funny habits?

    Tiggle: Funny habits...hmmmm...I use a lot of ellipsis when I write...!

    SCORELAND: Are you called by any pet names? We think we know what it is.

    Tiggle: I love shortening my name to Tig!

    SCORELAND: Have you ever noticed that when you're giving a blowjob, if the guy touches your tits, his cock gets harder?

    Tiggle: Oh, yeah! Especially with boob fetishists. It's amazing because my breasts are very soft, so even when I squish them together, you get a pretty soft experience in the middle. It's not tight like a pussy or an ass would be. I'm surprised when a guy touching my boobs or putting his dick in there gets harder. Or if he's fucking me and sucks my tits.

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  15. Date Night

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    Date Night

    Date Night

    It's date night with Rockell, girl of your dreams. Now she's here. The timing is perfect. The bubbly you've brought is going to be put to good use. Those southern gals aim to please.

    SCORELAND: Rockell, do you find yourself touching your boobs without thinking about it?

    Rockell: Well, of course I touch my boobs! I love playing with my nipple bars too. I think it would be a sin if they went without attention for too long! Don't you?

    SCORELAND: What kind of tops do you wear if you were going shopping during the summer?

    Rockell: I like wearing tank tops with a thinner bra so my nipples poke through so I can make people uncomfortable. I really dunno why; I just like to make things interesting. It's summer time so I keep it fun and breezy.

    SCORELAND: Definitely, keep it fun and breezy. Thanks, Rockell.

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  16. Madison Mason, Sergio

    Posted on August 12th, 2016 by Teen / Coed Porn

    Adorable Madison is a little nervous for her first porn vid. Even though she answered our online ad and was excited to get going, now that the time has actually come, she can't help but have some butterflies. Though she initially has a hard time looking directly into the camera, once Sergio enters the room and starts licking her coochie, she easily finds her groove. This dimple-faced blonde with the innocent bob hairdo will win you over right away. So innocent and sexy, her all-natural body is slim and her legs ridiculously long. Her tongue-ringed blowjob was one of the best we've even shot! Stud, does her pussy get swollen during sex! We love this slut!

  17. Rihannon, Matt Daddy

    Posted on August 12th, 2016 by Big Tits like Big Dicks

    Ex-cheerleader, Rihannon was blessed with quite the rocking body. Her natural boobs look unbelievably supple and bouncy. Good thing for us, Rihannon is a crazy sex fiend. An unrepentant pleasure seeker in the truest sense of the word. During the massage session, you can tell right away, she wants to bang her client, Matt. She secretly strips off her clothes while Matt lays face-down on the massage counter, totally unawares! When he does finally turn around, she's buck anus naked and down to fuck! He pounds this ultra-hot brunette first in the cow-whore position, then doggy-style. That's what I call getting more fuck for your buck.

  18. Roxi Red vs JMac

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    Roxi Red vs JMac

    Roxi Red vs JMac

    Some have asked the past few years about seeing Roxi Red getting boned by JMac. Roxi's done the deed with studs like Champ and Largo but not with JMac. The timing finally worked out and now they're paired off and ready for action at SCORELAND. Call it fucking at first sight.

    Roxi explains how she likes her immense, natural boobs handled and played with. JMac calls them "fuckin' glorious!" He wants to know all about them. "I like them touched gently," replies Roxi, who doesn't like them treated roughly. "A little touch with your tongue. They're very heavy, about thirteen pounds apiece. Did you want to touch them?" JMac admits Roxi's got the biggest tits he's ever played with as he lifts and palms them. They wobble in his hands. Roxi looks amused. She's used to the shocked expression on every guy's face.

    "I just got measured," Roxi says. "I'm a 44 double-J." Hooter heaven. Roxi jiggles them. JMac helps Roxi take off her top and puts his head in her lap. Roxi buries his face in her tit-flesh. Each boob is bigger than his head. "Can you breathe?" Roxi asks, laughing. They stand up and move over to a table with a scale and a tape measure. JMac wants the numbers of this Amazonian super-woman. After Roxi's tits have been weighed and measured every which way, it's time to bone in an epic match. Expect lots of tit-fucking in the Roxi Red vs JMac show!

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  19. Pink Fox

    Posted on August 11th, 2016 by 18eighteen RSS Feed

    Pink Fox

    Pink Fox

    The Dolly Fox army of followers continues to grow. She's very energized and motivated and her fans can see that. Dolly is also interactive, not only on the web but in public appearances around Europe. This video is almost 20 minutes and it's still not long enough for many to get their Dolly fix satisfied. There's an equal mix of tit and pussy action.

    Boobhound commented: "The fact that Dolly would have those magnificent breasts even if she wasn't an adult model turns me on even more! I love everyday girls (as opposed to strippers and porn stars) that get implants."

    SCORELAND: Dolly, you've mentioned that you've considered going bigger. Is this still in your life plan or are you happy with your boobs the way they are right now?

    Dolly: Yes, I will go bigger and it's scheduled for somewhere in the last three months of 2016. I'm happy with my boobs, but I would like them to look a little more fake. My final goal is to have around the same size as Penelope Black Diamond but I doubt that I can have the same look with mine. I hope to reach around 3000cc this time.

    SCORELAND: We look forward to seeing you again soon.

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  20. Cameron Love, Reno

    Posted on August 10th, 2016 by Teen / Coed Porn

    Older man Reno knew from the first day of class that petite redhead Cameron Love was going to be trouble. She is always glancing at him out of the corner of her eye, bending over in front of him and showing off her pert juggs and fine booty. Finally, after a particularly bad performance on a test, he is ready to keep her back after class for a telling off. However, as soon as he sees her sitting on his desk, her legs crossed and barely covering her pantie clad vag, he knows what to do. He tells her that the only way that she is going to improve her grades is to put out! He gives that tight young slot a damn good banging on his desk.

  21. Cherri

    Posted on August 10th, 2016 by Big Tits like Big Dicks

    Cherri is bringing sexy back like a motherfucker in this steamy hot solo fuck video. Standing in her bedroom wearing a miniskirt and denim top, she takes instructions from a stud off-screen, telling her to strip! And quick! But she goes the slow and sensual route, letting the camera drink up her every delicious curve. Blessed with smallish, perky boobs and a tight college slut backside, Cherri lets us see more of her spectacular wonder when she starts playing with herself! Watch the cameraman finger her til she ejaculates all over her bedsheets.

  22. Tutored Teen Twat

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    Tutored Teen Twat

    Tutored Teen Twat

    Bratty teen Elena gets a kick out of taunting her uptight tutor. He's trying to teach her about macro and mico economics, but all she hears is, "blah blah blah." She pulls her phone out and sneaks a picture of her pop-kissing him, but Elena wants to kiss something else...his cock, only it's more like a French kiss with lots of tongue and swallowing. She slurps up his shaft until spit is dribbling down her chin. After peeling off her schoolgirl uniform she lies on the couch with her legs open and her fingers slipping over her clit, ready to finally take the tutor's cock inside her tight, pretty pussy. If there was any lesson learned, it's that a horny, bratty teen always gets what she wants.

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  23. Soapy Spanking

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    Soapy Spanking

    Soapy Spanking

    In today's fast-paced, go-go world, many of us have to multi-task to get everything done. SCORE Girls are the same way. For example, Lily Madison taking a shower. She could masturbate first after waking up, then take a shower. Instead, while Lily's soaping up her slim and stacked bod she decides to cum hard at the same time. It's simply good time management.

    Back home in "Lily Land," somewhere in London, there are more toys and costumes in her closet and dresser drawers than in Santa's workshop. Camming is her life. "I can even stand there hula-hooping in a bra and guys will love it. I can do many fun things. I can be really creative, and I get to meet the most interesting people."

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  24. “I Like The Ones That Look Like Real Cocks”

    Posted on August 10th, 2016 by 18eighteen RSS Feed

    "I Like The Ones That Look Like Real Cocks"

    'I Like The Ones That Look Like Real Cocks'

    Our photographer drops in on Lily while she's relaxing in bed checking her phone for messages. He wants to talk to Lily about toy usage. He's come to the right girl because Lily has enough toys to bring tears to the eyes of Ol' Doc Johnson and his associates.

    Lily tells him she mostly prefers toys that are shaped like a cock. Lily has one of those in her hand. It also sticks to a flat surface like a table or a wall so it can be used hands-free. She's happy to demonstrate her hand job and blow job technique on it. Dropping her SCORE tank top and brassiere, Lily also demonstrates tit-fucking.

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  25. What You See Is What You Fuck

    Posted on August 9th, 2016 by 18eighteen RSS Feed

    What You See Is What You Fuck

    What You See Is What You Fuck

    From the second Dominno sits on the bed before the SCORE stunt-cock and looks up with her large doe-eyes, the dude is as stiff as a rhino horn. What is it about these beautiful Czech girls that makes them such hot sex-kittens? There are many theories, ideas and opinions but no definitive answers.

    The proof is in their obsessive love of the trouser-pipe. In the middle of the day, Dominno worships the bone with her tongue, tits and pussy. "I love sex in the afternoon," Dominno says. "I feel my sexiest from 2 to 5 o'clock." Like any self-respecting tit-man, the cock-man hands Dominno a tiny top so he can enjoy how her hooters look in it before he shoehorns his shaft between her cleavage.

    See More of Dominno at SCORELAND.COM!

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